About The National Black MasterMind Group

The Black MasterMind Group (TBMMG) is a 501(c)(3) non-exempt organization developed to  operate under a business to business (B2B) model. The Black MasterMind Group is a membership based organization providing the black entrepreneurial community: 

The Black MasterMind Group is designed to create strategies that Start, Stabilize, Sustain, and Scale businesses in the black entrepreneurial community. The Black MasterMind Group works collaboratively with organizations, community leaders, business coaches, trainers, educators, and  business leaders, to teach entrepreneurial financial literacy and business strategies helping the black  entrepreneurial community secure funding.  

About Our Founder Dr. Donnetta L. Watson

About Our Founder Dr. Donnetta L. Watson

Dr. Donnetta L Watson, A.K.A. The Launch Strategist

Founder of The National Black MasterMind Group

The Business Mastery Program 

CEO of The Bridge Builder Coach

Donnetta Watson is known as The Launch Strategist.  She is a seasoned Entrepreneur, Business Professional, Community Activist and Ex-Government Manager for the US Census Bureau as a Management and Supervisory Statistician overseeing three Medical Research Studies for CDC in 6 states.  She was responsible to guide the data collection efforts through over 200 field and supervisory staff while managing budgets of $1.5mil concurrently.  Donnetta was known for getting results, often placing within the top three in the nation in data quality, production, and budget.  

Donnetta has over 38 years of Entrepreneurial experience.  She has a Doctorate in Entrepreneurial Studies, M.S. in Quality Systems Management, a graduate of Joseph Business School, and a former Administrator, and Adjunct Professor for 13yrs.  She has a B.S. in Human Resource Mgmt and Minor in Marketing. Donnetta is a top 10 National Finalist in Entrepreneurship and a Top 3 State Finalist in Business.  Former Executive Director of Chapter Development for BlackCEO and former President of the KC Chapter, and Former President of Delta Epsilon Chi.  She completed the 26-1/2 mile Marathon Walk for American Heart Association.  

Today, Donnetta can be found guiding The National Black MasterMind Group, The Bridge Builder Coach, and The Business Mastery Institute which she founded in 2015.  The Black MasterMind Group, is a 501c(3) educational, coaching, development, and funding initiative which offers The Business Mastery 8-wk BootCamp and The Business Mastery 4-month Train the Trainer, and The Business Mastery Program– a 12 month accelerated, intensive business program.  She calls it “The Real Road to Success”. 

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Dr. Donnetta L. Watson​


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