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Dr. Donnetta L. Watson


Donnetta Watson is known as The Launch Strategist.  She is a seasoned Entrepreneur, Business Professional, Community Activist and Ex-Government Manager.  Donnetta has a Ph.D in Entrepreneurial Studies, a Masters of Science in Quality Systems Management and worked for the Federal Government for 17 years, 14 of which was for the US Census Bureau as a Management and Supervisory Statistician overseeing three Medical Research Studies for CDC in 6 states.  She was responsible to guide the data collection efforts through over 200 field and supervisory staff while managing budgets of $1.5mil concurrently.  Donnetta was known for getting results, often placing within the top three in the nation in data quality, production, and budget. 

About The National Black Mastermind Group

Today, Donnetta can be found guiding The National Black MasterMind Group she founded in 2015.  In May 2019, Donnetta felt her life calling was to address the lack of access to capital reported by 80% of the Black Entrepreneurial Community.  She relaunched The Black MasterMind Group, as a 501c(3) educational, coaching, development, and funding initiative which offers The Business Mastery Program – a 24-wk accelerated, intensive business program.  She calls it; “The Real Road to Success”.  Donnetta believes education, coaching, and money alone is not the answer to success, but a combination of these 3 strategies properly aligned can provide an entrepreneur with a less cumbersome Road to Success!  


The Black Master Mind Group is a global organization that consists of a National Board of Directors, an Advisory Board, one standing committee of non-board members, and various Affiliate Groups in the United States and abroad.

National Leadership Team

National Executive Assistant: Dionne Thompson

National Marketing Director: Shawn Mason

National Executive Master Trainer: Ivan Fenwick

National Northwest Recruiter: Dina Shepherd

National Northeast Recruiter: Darrell Robinson

National Executive Director: TBD

National Director of Education: TBD

National Director of Government Contracting: RT Swindell

National Asst. Director of Government Contracting: Chris Letsinger

National Director of IT: Jermale & Marie Mathis

Black Mastermind investment group Director: TBD

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