The Black MasterMind Group carries out its vision through the formation of affiliate groups in strategic cities in the United States and abroad. Each affiliate Black MasterMind Group (i.e., Affiliate Group) operates under the guidelines of The Black MasterMind Group National Board of Directors.

What Is An Affiliate Group?

  • Affiliate Black MasterMind Groups, (Affiliate Group), are a local representation of TBMMG that offers TBMMG defined programs to the local Black Entrepreneurial Community.
  • Each Affiliate Group has its own Leadership Team that is responsible for the formation and management of the group, while serving the members that join the group.
  • There will only be one Affiliate Group in each selected U.S. and international cities.

Affiliate Groups Meeting Structure

  • Affiliate Groups meet each month for a maximum of 3 hours
  • All Affiliate Groups simultaneously host Round Table Dinner Seminar Sessions that occur on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • Each Round Table Dinner Seminar Session features a Video Session with a seasoned business professional that is broadcasted live to all affiliate locations
  • Affiliate Group Members and Non-Members participate in the business dinner seminars

U.S. Affiliate Groups​ on Faceb​​​​​ook

There is only be one Affiliate Group in each U.S. city. The Black MasterMind Group consists of the following Affiliate Groups. We ask that you Join our national facebook page in conjunction with of the local Facebook you may follow. If there not a group in your city contact us to discuss opening one in your area. Click Here

International Affiliate Group

Launching in 2020

U.S. Affiliate Groups

  • Middletown, NY — The Middletown Black MasterMind Group
  • Richmond, VA — The Richmond Black MasterMind Group
  • Minneapolis, MN — The Minneapolis Black MasterMind Group

Become an Affiliate Member of your nearest Black MasterMind Affiliate Group today. 

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