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Are you a servant leader? Are you passionate about success for the Black Entrepreneurial Community? Interested in creating an additional revenue stream in your business? Then Read On!

The Plight of the Black Entrepreneur

You are here because something about our organization’s mission resonates with you.  You too understand the plight of the Black Entrepreneurial Community;

  1.  80% of Black Entrepreneurs cannot access capital – the #1 reason our businesses fail.  
  2. Our businesses close at a higher rate than any other ethnic group
  3. Often what we call business is simply just a hookup, hobby, or hustle

But not any longer.  The Black MasterMind Group is committed to teaching the black entrepreneurial community business organizational, marketing, and financial strategies that are proven to work.  You will see your business move to a new level after participating in this organization as a leader. 

Our mission is to provide education, coaching, mentoring and development  paired with access to funding initiatives that assist black entrepreneurs to start, stabilize, sustain, and  scale their businesses. These are the cornerstone activities that spark economic growth and  advancement within black entrepreneurial communities.  

Leader Requirements

  • Currently a Full-Time Entrepreneur or Former Entrepreneur
  • Recognizable and Identified as Black and/or of African Descent
  • Leadership Skills and Capabilities
  • Training Experience
  • Commit to the economic advancement of the Black Entrepreneurial Community

Benefits of Becoming An Affiliate Group Leader

Becoming an Affiliate Group leader can be one of the most exciting experiences, but it is not easy and there’s a commitment of your time.  We provide you with training, resources, and the tools to be an exceptional leader in this organization.  Most importantly we help you structure your business, provide you with coaching, and prepare you to sit before funders to access capital for your business.  We believe your business must be healthy first, before you can help someone else create a healthy business model.  We invest in you, so you can invest in others.  This all comes with your commitment to educate, train, coach, mentor and develop the entrepreneurs in your community.   

The Affiliate Group operates using a MasterMind concept. Under your leadership the Affiliate Group will hold monthly meetings, quarterly events, and conferences to provide relevant content to the members of your Affiliate Group.  

As a leader you will provide education and training through the Business Mastery Institute and coaching services through the Bridge Builder Coach organization.  All leaders attend the initial leadership training session, enroll in the Business Mastery Institute Train-the-Trainer Program, and attend Coach certification training.  After the completion of your training you are ready to train and coach other entrepreneurs and earn additional revenue.    

As a leader, you will host the monthly meetings – RoundTable Seminar Sessions.   You have the opportunity to present at the events and present at the graduation conference.  Addressing the problems within your local black entrepreneurial  community.  Members use collaboration, definiteness of purpose, and commitment to achieve success.  

Here are the leadership positions. Click the link to view their full job descriptions:

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