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    The Business Mastery Program is a 24-wk intense accelerated program to provide Entrepreneurial Financial Literacy education and assistance in establishing Financial Strategies to start, stabilize, sustain, and scale a business. Upon completion of the Business Mastery Program Funding Initiatives will be made available to all participants to acquire the capital needed to implement the strategies established in the Business Mastery Program. All Business Mastery participants are assigned a Bridge Builder Entrepreneurial Coach for a period of 12 months. All Business Mastery Participants are required to attend Business Mentor Sessions each quarter and submit business financial documents to the Board of Mentors. The Business Mastery Program is a fee based program. All participants must pay an application fee, enrollment fee, and books and supplies fee prior to starting the first class. Financial Assistance is available through Sponsorship, Grants, Scholarships, and Loan Funds for participants to attend the Business Mastery Program. All assistance is based on our Need-Based Criteria and must be applied for prior to the start of the semester. Sessions are held twice a year in all Affiliate Groups. Enrollment and Application information is located on the website. To obtain more information, please answer Yes to the question below and someone from our leadership team will contact you with more information .
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