Everything we do is for Black people, by Black people with Black people.

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Everything we do is for Black people, by Black people with Black people. The National Black MasterMind Group is a Global Organization created to provide Economic Equality to the Black Entrepreneurial Community. We are led by Black Entrepreneurs who care about the status of the Black Entrepreneurial Community and have come together under the MasterMind concept to collaboratively address the disparity often felt by Black Entrepreneurs in accessing capital, establishing a business that would attract everyone.
We provide Entrepreneurial Financial Literacy(™) education, training, and mentorship. All to ensure that we have a seat at the table, but if necessary build our own table.
This can only be done when we have the business knowledge, skills, and ability to sustain and scale our businesses. When we understand that we The Black Entrepreneur has a responsibility to employ our own community. Creating opportunities for others through our business enterprises. Committing ourselves to run financially solid businesses using financial principles that any lender or investor would be expected to see in any business model seeking funding.

How Do You Become A Member?

Membership is open to those who are identified and recognized as Black and are soon to be, current or former entrepreneurs.

First, you join the National Black MasterMind Group by completing an application and paying the $150 one-time lifetime fee.  

Second, you join a local affiliate group. To become a member of the local Affiliate Group, you must agree to pay the monthly membership dues of $20 + $5 processing fees (during Covid-19). Afterwards, monthly Affiliate Group Membership dues are $39 per month + processing fee.  More information about our affiliate groups, click here.

Membership has its rewards and benefits

Attend the Business Mastery Program™️ and receive Entrepreneurial training, coaching and mentoring. Only open to members. Scholarships available.

Children of Black MasterMind Members are eligible to participate in the Young Black MasterMind Group™️ launching Fall, 2021

Monthly Virtual RoundTable Seminar Session™️ taught by Subject Matter Experts Free - 3rd Sunday of each month, 2:30 pm-5:30 pm CST. After COVID-19 RoundTable Dinner Seminar Sessions™️ will resume

Members who complete the Business Mastery Program™️ are able to attend the following advanced training: Government Contracting, Technology for your Business, Investment Training and Franchise Development

Discount on Black MasterMind Merchandise

Free Access to Monthly Dinner Seminar Session

Discounts on all Seminars, Training, and Conferences

Experience networking

Hire a Bridge Builder Coach at a reduced rate

Discount on all online Business training sessions through Black MasterMind Institute™️

Access to Monthly Member-Only Ask An Expert™️ - 3rd Thursday at 7:30 pm CST

Listing in the Black MasterMind Membership Directory™️

Free subscription to the The Black MasterMind Magazine™️

Free Black MasterMind T-Shirt


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